Down at the Sahara Savoy

He lay down dying in the sand

And reached out with his withered hand

The only one that he had got

The other hacked off while he shot

At all hunters milling round

Who’d wrestled him down to the ground

And taken what he needed most

It was required by me, Mine Host

And though he couldn’t make a noise

They’d cut his tongue out, he’d no voice

Still I knew he understood

It wouldn’t do, it was no good!

He couldn’t have the apple pieImage


In my restaurant – you wear a tie!!

(To be spoken with increasing speed, gusto and volume!)

©Joe Wilson – Down at the Sahara Savoy.. 1996/2013

It’s Not for Us to Interfere!

There was never a chance of a win in the war in Afghanistan. There are never winners anyway.  Nobody has ever suborned the Afghan people despite the numerous invasions of that country. They have fighting skills going back centuries in the learning, and they have mountains in which to disappear as and when it is necessary to regroup. Besides! Who on earth gave us the right to try to bend these people to our way anyway? We have never taken too kindly to invasion ourselves.

We have no right to force our kind of democracy on them. The structure of their society is completely different.

However, using dialogue and discussion, we should be desperately trying to encourage the acceptance of men and women as equals within their society. Recent events show that rape victims, abandoned by their families, are usually seen as the sinners, and are often sent to prison, whilst the rapist, though often sent to prison too, generally for shorter terms, is seen as the one being hard done by. This attitude must surely change. This is the twenty-first century and well past time that people of whatever gender, colour, creed and sexual orientation were treated with equal dignity and as having equal rights.

In my country, the United Kingdom, we have all but destroyed the manufacturing base, and therefore, robbed our grand-children’s generation of many jobs. For that there is no excuse. The least we can do in compensation is enshrine into our way of thinking a sense that everyone is treated equally and fairly: in the work-place, in law, in society, and in faith. At least then, that generation may get fairer chances.

They may also realise that it makes good sense not to interfere in the running of other sovereign nations when one should be concentrating on running one’s own better.


My wife hasn’t taken a single step since she was six years old
Yet she has walked with me every single step that I’ve trod
She has loved me in my failings, she has loved me in success
She has cared for me when I was ailing, and has loved me everyday.
How could anyone have ever hoped to be so lucky as I
Loved by such a woman, when she should have passed me by.
This woman is my anchor, my rock, she keeps me safe
It’s I, the big strong man, who often feels the waif
So I write and express my feelings, and I tell her frequently
To prove it’s not a dream I’m in, and that this woman is for real.
©Joe Wilson – She…2014

Just a thought!

I wish I could be a little less sad.
I’m sure being happy isn’t half bad
And the half that is bad wouldn’t be an excuse
Not to savour the good half and put it to use.

But then if my happiness made people sad
That would just make me feel really bad
And the good half that I’d been putting to use
Would feel like an awful abuse.

A Long Time Ago

I saw a sad man who had lost his love

he stood with a faraway gaze.

As lost as he looked, as sad as he was,

I was minded of long ago days.


Of a time before love

of a time full of pain

of the day that my big brother died.


I watched as the messenger carried the news

his face all ashen by the burden.

He bade me sit and imparted his news.

I cried, I cried, I CRIED!!


Time passes, pain eases, and life carries on

and you love and are loved in return.

But at night in the shadows inside of the dreams

the memories come back and they burn.

A Great Love

Looking back I see a woman of great beauty
and a man of much intensity.
Despite his modest looks she took him to her
and he loved her with his intenseness.
Their life was filled with passion and a great love
and later with children they both cherished.
They thought their life was made – and then
His head seemed to blow up, haemorrhage.
He repaired but was never the same.
She got the dreaded cancer.
She repaired but was never the same.
They’re older now but their love
after more than forty years remains a great love
while their bodies collapse about them.
They don’t give in, they carry on
What else is there?
…and they still love each other – greatly.