A question of pride…


Ideology, religious or political, is not worth dying for, though we convince ourselves to the contrary. Only saving another human life is worth dying for, though all too frequently we convince ourselves otherwise.

If it is true that there is a God, and I take the bible etc. as great classic novels only, though I certainly believe that there is a God in some form, then I say that He, or indeed She, or even It, must be very disappointed so far.

We are killing each other and yet at the same time over-breeding in areas where there is insufficient to sustain such growth. Too many of those who have so much are not given to sharing with those far, far less fortunate than themselves. There are of course some wonderful exceptions.

Despite there being nowhere else to go, and there really isn’t despite any fanciful ideas to the contrary, we take so much from our planet…and we are not putting enough back.

So many men seem unable to recognise that women are our equal, easily, and continue to treat them so badly. Children starve and are too often, though once would be too often, so vile abused.

Would such a God be proud of us? Despite all that we have achieved, our great discoveries, our advances in technology and health and communication, so much of this advancement ultimately goes into weapons research of murderous intent. Would such a God be proud? Sadly, I think not.

©Joe Wilson…2016



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