Grains of sand…


The effervescence of youth
What a wondrous expression
But so long now gone
Replaced by depression.
Yet still there is sparkle
If you know where to look
Consider the Bard
And recall dear old Puck.
His mischievous pranks
And his practical jokes
In today’s modern parlance
He’s be one of the blokes.
That youthful hobgoblin
Robin Goodfellow by name
He’s the spirit of youth
The prankster’s no shame.
But soon we age and grow weary
Our youth then disappears
And our once bright effervescence
Slowly fades with advancing years.
Hang on young Robin
Hold onto your youth
For the old goblins round
Are for you all the proof.
We once had the spirit
We played just the same
And we cavorted just like demons
For we too felt no shame.
And just for that one moment
We ruled as if we were kings
For we were all invincible
With the strength that that feeling brings.
Live for the moment
Carried away by your youth
For the moment comes far too soon
When you will find out the truth.

We’re just so many grains of sand
In a desert that is only time
And our life in that desert
Is just a short pantomime.

©Joe Wilson – Grains of sand…2018

A deserved dystopia…?


The rains fell heavy that Tuesday night
No one had predicted it
No one would have believed it could be
No rain had fallen for ten years.

They all rushed out to drink their fill
And though it seemed a minor miracle
At the time, that is
No one fell out, no one got shot!

People had relied on bottled water
For so very, very long
That ever-present taste of plastic
All too common on the tongue.

Bottled water companies had made a killing
The only water there was to drink
‘Bottles of water were the new bullets’
Or so ‘they’ said, the media in the pink.

The coastlines of the world
All lined with desalination plants
And those with the power to control
No longer needing weather info-stats.

But that night, just for a moment
All of that was forgotten
As the rains poured and poured
And the world was refreshed.

Mother Nature had taken back control
Thank goodness She always does
But how long till the next rain
How long —- how long?

When the oceans and the rivers teem
With plastic of all kinds and hue
Perhaps we got our just desserts
Reliant on water in plastic, me, and you.

©Joe Wilson – A deserved dystopia…2018