Truth can break us…


Where didst thou go oh callow youth
Whence ignorance hid from you such truth
But yet as adult one now canst see
That truth and pain keep company.
Miserable, broken, heart askew
Savaged by what it knows was true
Unable now to love once more
Wouldst never have known had it not saw.

Tis said that ignorance is bliss
Methinks it did refer to this
For who can bear a broken heart
Where knowing truth drives souls apart
Innocence gone, now all alone
For truth had dug right to the bone.

©Joe Wilson – Truth can break us…2019

One week on…

I write this with a heavy heart, one week on from such a terrible event. I have a deep affection for New Zealand, our son lived there for twenty years with his New Zealander wife. My wife and I thought it to be the safest and nicest place of all. We must be positive, it still is. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

Black the eyes that stared back so cold
The finality of death had robbed their life
There was no other presence in that space to see
No future of things that were meant to be.

Robbed of life by an evil hand and heart
At prayer in a mosque that should be so safe
So wicked the man, so heartless the crime
No name to be uttered for the rest of time.

Lock him away, lock him away, lose the key
For he shouldn’t see ever the light of day
How could one be so be so vicious, cruel and vile
Who would steal away another’s smile.

©Joe Wilson – One week on…2019


He collected his thoughts
There were not now so many
He looked for solutions
But sadly —— there weren’t any.
And while he was thinking
More innocents were dying
As mothers of children
Were collectively crying.

Nowhere is the statesman
Amidst the great thrall
Who’ll stand and be counted
For his voice is too small.
And the nurses and doctors
Work among the disaster
Yet all they can do
Is be as sticking plaster.

The world had gone mad
We had all lost the point
But there was no Saviour
No one now to anoint.

©Joe Wilson – untitled…2019

The duct tape of life.
Both indispensable
Each can become unstuck.

And yet!

When positioned properly
And joined perfectly
It, they, will stay tight
And sealed forever.

Such is the nature of things.

©Joe Wilson – The duct tape of life…2019