He never knew what hit him really

He never knew what hit him really

He saw her and just knew

He fell in love so deeply

He fell in love with you.

And all the years he’s loved you

He’s told you every day

He never knew such happiness

Could just be snatched away.


And yet the memories drive him on

He thinks of you each day

He talks to you when things get tough

He does his best in his own way

He misses you, that is for sure

Both lives were filled with love

He keeps it now inside his heart

Wrapped in a magical glove.


For she was such a wondrous fit

They were a matching pair

And all their lives love kept them warm

Now he’s alone which seems unfair.

Yet what a life the two did share

They lived it to the full so free

They even crossed the entire world

Such wonders did they see.


Perhaps he’ll travel once again

To where he doesn’t know

The urge he feels is causing tingles

He’ll one day get up and go.

For life itself, it didn’t stop

It merely changed its way

So chances are when weather warms

He’ll up and scoot away.


©JoeW 20022