Love will always win…

I saved my childish heart for you
and luckily for me you took it
our life of glorious ups and ups
across the world or just next door
I would never have wanted anyone else
I couldn’t have loved you more.

Who could ever imagine
how amazing a person could be
the goodness and love you’ve given
you’ve given only to me
and why I ask was I ere so blessed
we make our choice with a heart that’s free.

There are times even now when I catch
my breath and feel a wonderful sigh
of contentment at my very full glass
and I smile as I think of my riches
it’s as if I’d been given all of that bread
and eaten all of those fishes.

After these thoughts my pains just ease
I’ll deal with those another day
and in your beauty I will bide
I’ll not change a single thing
but listen to your beating heart
and hear my own heart sing.


©Joe Wilson – Love will always win…2014

Just getting on with life


The years get ever shorter
the number I’d not bet
but it’s not been a bad life
least-ways not up to yet
though there have a few things
its best that we forget.

That time I faced that big bloke
who was giving you the eye
I kicked him in the knackers
he still might wonder why
I caught him as he left the pub
he gave me a big black eye.

The times you almost lost me
you were waiting when I woke
I knew the hurt you were feeling
though not a word was spoke
you covered it up so bravely
and your spirit never broke.

The time when you were poorly
we worried for months so long
yet you were so amazing
your determination strong
I realise so many times
I’m right where I belong.

Retired now we still hold hands
as we go along our way
we remember to say ‘I love you’
each and every day
and as I sit down with my writing
I wouldn’t choose another way.

So yes we are in the twilight years
But we’re not about to fold
we won’t be hanging our boots up
we prefer behaving bold
and we won’t be taking it easy
we just don’t do what we’re told.


©Joe Wilson – Just getting on with life 2014