The night visitors…

Again the demons called last night
To plunge me into depths of fright
I reach for spray and balm-filled spoon
Their benefit ripped away too soon.
And all the agonies of my life
Roll before my eyes as strife
Until a wreck, I finally sleep
She who loves me will quietly weep.
As there beside me yet again
She helps to fight what is no friend
And when I wake she soothes my brow
To bring me back to here and now.
Yet pain is etched on her sweet face
I’m once more smitten by her grace.

©Joe Wilson – The night visitors…2016

Angela called – again…


Angela called again today
this time she was borne in the wind
she tore away at my heart again
she certainly is no friend.

the pain travelled right up through my neck
then made its way down my arm
there is nothing at all about Angela
that I could call an endearing charm.

So then I got the big guns out
my nitro-lingual spray
I sprayed the devil right under my tongue
till slowly Angela flew away.

I’ve had the attack, the by-pass too
a long time ago plus a day
and I guess that the odd call from Angela
Is really such a small price to pay.


©Joe Wilson – Angela called – again 2014

Angie called…again


Angie called again this morning
that’s angina to you and folks
she called around about half past two
she beat me hard, please, no jokes.

She calls around from time to time
I suppose she always will
and though I’m very used to her
she scares me rigid still.

The by-pass eased the problem some
but of course it is no cure
and when Angie knocks upon my door
the pain she brings is pure.

©Joe Wilson – Angie called…again 2014