One Summer

Warmed by the sun, kissed by a breeze, the beach a perfect place
But on one beautiful Summer day, we argued and you drove away.
I watched you in your red sports car as you drove back up the hill
I remember it all like yesterday,and yes, I miss you still.
Anger had caused a rift so deep, our love not strong enough
I’d read you wrong, I’d hurt you, and your going was no bluff.

Time has passed, I’ve missed you so, I’ve loved you every day
I’ve tried to make a life worthwhile, but you don’t go away.
I live in hope that things may change, I miss your gentle touch
But fear and my self-loathing prevent me saying as much.
One day perhaps something will change, a small thing, but enough
And we’ll forgive the hurtful past, and find once more our love.

Each year I go on this same day, I walk along the shore
I won’t give up, I have to try, our love was so much more.
I hope to see you waiting there, my life is just a game
Once I thought I saw you and I ran and called your name.
You turned around and looked at me and all I felt was sorrow
For I had just misled myself, I’d try again tomorrow.


A Trip to the Seaside

The old and now empty railway track
Where iron horses will never come back
Carried trains along it on two four four
Driving along to the Welsh sea shore.

Children would travel with bucket and spade
Later to wonder at castles they’d made
While Mum and Dad with bags by three
Wondered if they’d brought enough for tea.

From Stafford station they pulled away
Stopping at Newport along the way
Then Shrewsbury town and Machynlleth too
Stopping at Barmouth just after two.

Passengers piled out in their droves
Most of them looking for shallow coves
Mums carrying babies who’d often screech
Heading for quiet spots left on the beach.

To Mum and Dad it was a well earned rest
From their working days and household stress
And the joy of seeing children have such fun
It meant the holidays had begun.

Some days later, maybe three or four
Passengers waited by carriage doors
And back to their homes they all would go
With tales to tell to folks they know.

And as they journeyed East again
Saying goodbyes to holiday friends
They felt refreshed and enjoyed the ride
As the train sped away from the wild Welsh tide.