Once more…



And yet once more
the rain will fall…
and names on lists we will

Misguided man…so driven by hate
innocent people’s fate.

The lives of so many

fallen now.

Victims once more.

They’re not the ones
they really want
but they even out

the bloody score—

It never stops.
It never will
until we realise.
We’re played for fools
we’re victims all.
For we are just
Government tools!!!

©Joe Wilson – Once more…2016

There are no winners here…



Still they show contempt for you
They shoot you, yes they surely do
But killing some of theirs for sure
Will make them hate you even more.
Yet when the bullets tear the skin
Black or white, it seems so thin
The lifeblood that begins to spread
No matter who…it’s always RED.
Each family grieves for their sad loss
As bodies lie beneath the moss
For no one wins this racist war
It only hurts our spiritual core.

Ingrained hate from years gone by
Means there are those who’ll not try
They stir those sores from yesteryear
Manipulating peoples fear
Till to the streets the people go
Hell is coming, we all know
We fail to see it face to face
We are a tragic human race.

©Joe Wilson – There are no winners here…2016

What a bloody mess…

That man should be defined by what he says, is our failing
Judgement for the things one does, would ease the ailing
For as our planet creaks, from all the frequent violent pain
More hysterical fighting, will surely start up yet again.

It seems perverse in so-called civilised times, so modern
To live in such a world of violence, that is blood-sodden
Yet every time a move is made to peace, small though it be
Opposing moves are swift, and in response, so bloody.

I would walk with a man, no matter his father’s seed
I would talk with a man, whoever, whatever his creed
Many others do, it’s highly likely you would too
While others would hate us all, for what we do.

Is there a man so innocent, that he would fire the shots
That kill another human, and create more bloody blots
But fire so certain, certain mind, that guilt was being assuaged
And not a wicked political ploy, in power struggles waged.

The tragedy of violence, it reaches to us all, in anger
So often now it gets ignored, by people’s modern languor
We see it on the news or in our online inbox newsreel
It’s easier to deal with, we have no actual need to feel.

It’s thumbs up now, and I’m alright Jack, no need for us to worry
But think, the world seems smaller now, and circled in a hurry
The one who’s sent to fire the shots could be your son or daughter
Would you not try to end a war that ends in senseless slaughter!

©Joe Wilson – What a bloody mess…2015