So graceful…

She was so beautiful and so kind
The sweetest child that one could find
And though an imp in many ways
She was my heart those joyous days.

So graceful and yet down to earth
No price could tell what she was worth
Yet quiet and dignified through and through
Like I so loved her, you would too.

Her many friends all loved her so
So many more that I don’t know
Would visit in rota to her bed
To leave with hearts where happy fled.

And what of she
Her hopes, her dreams
Diminished now
By life’s cruel schemes.

So brave her fight, and so, so long
She tried so hard to be so strong
But cancer is a cruel beast
That flares where one expects it least.

©Joe Wilson – So graceful…2016

These are the ravings of a soured soul,
laid bare by such sadness that it has never known.


I wait for a piece of information
it is the answer to a question that
has unfortunately had to be asked
I don’t, yet must know the answer,
yet someone else, so dear to me and
so young needs the answer, dreads
the answer so much more. how can
life be so cruel? why after so many
millennia are we so fragile? a life
that is so well spent looking after
the interests and well-being of others
should not be so fragile, but is.

I learn the answer and it seems that
life indeed is that cruel after all.
we will all help. we will all fight.
we will win. nothing else is acceptable.