To dance…



How walked I once on legs so nimble
Danced weekend nights from so much fimble
Now old these legs that creak and groan
Yet move they still, I will not moan.

Such times we had, we danced the night
In suits of mohair we ;looked the sight
Ravel supplied our dance-hot shoes
And Motown gave us rhythm and blues.

What treats, what joy, what fabulous nights
Where danced all-nighters reached the heights
And Solomon Burke or Sam & Dave
Were worth ten bob, and we didn’t yet shave!

Memories, memories, so sweet and pure
A life lived for dancing that was sure
And now I think back to those days
I loved every minute in that reckless haze.

We worked all week and saved our cash
American music, British seemed trash
And whole weekends spent on the floor
Left blisters that seemed hardly sore.

I wouldn’t have missed a single minute
It’s what we lived for, every bit
And now it’s just nice thoughts to hold
Of a time in my youth when I was that bold.

©Joe Wilson – To dance…2016

The Muse


He saw her sitting and took the chance
Of asking if she’d like to dance
She looked at him and he understood
This dance would be special, and then she stood.

And so they danced the light fantastic
Glides drew gasps at their gymnastic
For each had found their special muse
And dancing made their bodies fuse.

For hours they spun around the floor
And with each step they wanted more
All other dancers seemed to fade
As they danced on in their masquerade.

But when they finally stopped their whirl
There was no sign of his dancing girl
She was in his dreams as she was before
He suddenly woke and she was no more.


©Joe Wilson – The Muse 2014