The Devil gets his due…


Winds howling, darkening times threaten
Incessant racket from a clattering skylight
Hatches battened down, a storm on its way
Skies of foreboding as darkness brings night.

Dark forests filled with screaming ghosts
The foolish stranger now wanders therein
And thus In grasp of diabolic hosts
The scythe will rise, he’ll pay for sin.

For yet again the raven will call
And a scythe draws blood somewhere
The Devil’s abroad collecting his dues
If you’re a sinner, you’d best beware.

Amidst the branches shrouded in grey
The ghostly ensemble drifts away
In deathly silence through the night
Vanishing only at break of day.

And in that thick dark canopy waits
An evil so frightening to all
Except the Devil and his ghostly friends
Who wait and listen for the raven’s call.

©Joe Wilson – The Devil gets his due…2016

Out of the darkness…

Moving through the inky darkness
He leaps out suddenly at night
Stepping out from hidden corners
Where previously there’d been no sight.             shadow-in-doorway

Each night he hides in darkness’ maw
Awaiting all who pass
Until the sun begins to rise
By then he’s leapt his last.

No one’s surprised to see him
He follows us everywhere
For he is just our shadow
And of course…he’s always there.

Of course there are some places
Where he stays out of sight
It’s impossible to see him
If there isn’t any light.

If you have your dog with you
He has a shadow too
And everything the shadow does
He makes the dog do too.

©Joe Wilson – Out of the darkness…2014

This is a poem written mainly for children

A Place of Tranquility – 1994 (re-edited 2014)



The wind was howling and the trees were bare
I called your name, there was no one there
The darkness gathered all around
And stillness – there was not a sound.

It was then I saw Him watching me
With eyes so sad that I could see
He felt the sorrow and sensed my pain
He knew I’d not see you again.

He surrounded me with a kindly peace
As if He knew there was no release
And all my tears welled up inside
Emotions that I’d tried to hide
All came tumbling, tumbling down
And fell like raindrops to the ground
And in that moment I think I knew
What He, Himself, had once been through.

I stood and looked into the night
Of Him there was no longer sight
And thus I left that Holy place
Myself at peace, and you in grace
And though my life will just go on
Forever now we’ll be as one
But when I go back to that place
I’ll hope to see His peaceful face.

©Joe Wilson – A Place of Tranquility 1994 (re-edited 2014)