The unbearable waiting…


No recognisable thoughts are in his mind these days
Only sorrow for the loss, he feels so achingly sad
He had never lived alone before, it wasn’t for him, normal
His life at this time was the unhappiest he’d had.

He’d watched as she crumbled and the weight brought him sorrow
He was crushed by the heartache that accompanies such loss
He had not faired too well by himself to be quite honest
Now he sits by the grave that slowly covers with moss.

And all that he waits for is for one day to join her
The unbearable wait overwhelms him so much
Only the end when it comes can now please him
For he so hopes to find her for their hearts to retouch.

He’d loved her for all of the time he remembered
Theirs was such love that one never defines
Now he sits so lonely and awaits his dark angel
To carry him back home to the love he so pines.

©Joe Wilson – The unbearable waiting…2016

The wronged…

Ill kempt, ill fed
A man fallen by the way
There was a time he had plenty
But that time was yesterday.

The factory had long since closed
And many like he had retrained
But money, like sleep was fitful
His spirits now almost drained.

And then they said he had to pay
For the extra room in the flat
It was used for home dialysis
He couldn’t pay, that was that.

So they made him move to a tiny place
It broke his heart to ,move
He couldn’t cope, he hanged himself
A sad statistic for Ian to approve.

A letter came just yesterday
It landed with a thump on the mat
It said that he could keep the room
They’d errored, well fancy that.

©Joe Wilson – The wronged…2016

That black dog…

Monday blues
Swept in so dark, on a tide of raw emotion
Kept at bay by pharmaceutical potion
Please excuse.

Winter chilled days
Where even now the black dogs starts to call
Who knows what state of mind may yet befall
Darkest phase.

Winter scene
Nor even a drop of snow to lift the soul
No robin red-breast here in Christmas role
Cold, wet sheen.

Note made in journal
To look at days as these not in despair
And recognise that pain is spread unfair
Hope springs eternal.

©Joe Wilson – That black dog…2015