A gentle nomad…

A nomad stopped at my shop today
And I asked him what he would take
He said he would like an apple
And a large slice of fresh tea-cake.

So I did give, and he receive
And we sat and chatted of life
We could have been just us two on Earth
I thought, passing the butter knife.

At last he said he had to go
With a gentle ancient cough
He left a small wooden cross behind
Donned his cap, said goodbye, and was off.

The man was just a stranger
From Adam I knew not he
But he had such a peaceful aura
And he left that cross for me.

It’s quiet in the shop these days
Of the nomad I saw no more
Be he had such a gentle way with him
That moved me to the core.

©Joe Wilson – A gentle nomad…2016

One planet, one goal…

In woeful ignorance man toils away
A crust for the table, for his kin
Wealth creation with barely a whisper
Is so often the wages of sin.

There will be no Earth that the week shall gain
As the land gets destroyed by the rich
Desperate to draw all last ounces of wealth
From every last exploited ditch.

But the poor need to feed and clothe their flock
So the workload is for them to do
And the ones making profit as forests disappear
Sit a long way away blaming you.

And they talk of the wonder of the planets
The chances of life on another
It’s nonsense of course, it won’t happen
When they can’t even live with each other.

We have but one planet that we all live on
So its protection is our primary aim
It’s time that we acted together
Before Earth bleeds to death from our shame.

©Joe Wilson – One planet , one goal…2015

Earth…the innocent victim…

Down came the rain
And washed away the sin
It couldn’t ease the pain
That war had left it in

How scarred this Earth
How scorched the land
For such is caring’s dearth
By humans’ evil hand.

Profit and loss
The price of war
How ‘they’ call the toss
While raking in more.

This Earth feels the pain
Even washed clean by rain
While ‘they’ steal the gain
Till little will remain.

©Joe Wilson – Earth…the innocent victim…2015

The world is our oyster…

He cast his hands up in the air and said ‘let there be light!’
And sunshine grew before His eyes revealing wondrous hue
But He alone could see the day and see the dark of night
So midst the stars He caused to live, a planet of green and blue
And on this planet there were put trees, for air that we have breathed
He found that He was satisfied, what wonders He perceived.

So many stars would fill the sky, so many moons would too
Then winds flew from the heavens, to spin them all around
And people he put on this Earth, this place of green and blue
Yet creatures first he let to roam till they stood on dry ground
Thus slowly man developed, and they settled far and wide
Then headed from the oceans in such increasing tide.

And when man looks up to the skies to search the stars above
He sees the soul inside each one and knows if they are good
He looks into the hearts of men and searches for the love
Would mankind ever realise, could it be understood
He put them here to nurture Earth, to tend and love his world
But man has rather lost his way as his arrogance unfurled.

We put our Earth in danger, we care for just ourselves
Fighting wars that ravage land that cause more conflict still
We take more air than we put back, we pack food on the shelves
Yet see another starve to death while others are so ill
But look up to the heavens and take in all that magic
And try to ease the burden and save the world from tragic.

©Joe Wilson – The world is our oyster…2015


Love is the most powerful weapon on Earth…
Don’t argue against such a thing of great worth

So why the Hell won’t politicians listen?
Do they not see the Earth’s sad eyes as they glisten?

From the tears that are flooding out over the land
But no! Politicians don’t want to understand!

©Joe Wilson – Sadness…2014


Tick tock

pocket watch_edited

Tick tock tick tock the time just slips on by
I sit here writing at my desk and feel there’s much to say
But does it make a difference, I ponder that last thought
Reflecting if in recent times my advice has been sought.

Tick tock tick tock who knows what is our worth
I surely don’t but I know yet, each one is not worth less
The ones with lots, the ones with nought, and the rest of us in between
Should be more sharing of our bounty, for less is too obscene.

Tick tock tick tock the one thing that you’ll learn
Is that when your life is weighed up the money doesn’t count
There is one and only one thing that doesn’t count for nought
It’s whether in your time on earth your friendship has been sought.


©Joe Wilson – Tick tock 2014