The Old Manor


The old house had finally decided to die
It has threatened to fall down for years
It had seen men arguing in the Civil War
Who’d not returned to the house any more
Who’d left wives and a vale of tears.

It’s being picked at by experts who are looking
For evidence of hideaways in the attic
A Cavalier scallywag had once hidden in the roof
When questioned by Roundheads the owners were aloof
They were then lectured by Puritans didactic.

For many years the farmland round its boundary
Had fed cattle of all sorts and colour
There’d been Jerseys and Guernseys for decades
The last century even saw milkmaids
Now it’s Gloucesters ’cause there bodies are fuller.

But it’s coming down now and it won’t be the same
The park all around here has changed
Huge estates of new houses of characterless hue
So many now needed for me and for you
But designed by a mind that’s deranged.


©Joe Wilson – The Old Manor 2014


The sun’s shining now, Spring has finally arrived
Through the wettest of Winters, we’ve mainly survived
But the land is still soaked as the year gallops along
Yet daffodils are dancing to their own silent song.

Truly, Nature has a way of putting things right
We can hope that she’ll help in the wet farmland plight
As we look forward to Summer and its brilliant hue
We’ll be out in the garden, there’ll be lots there to do.

It’s the Autumn and the leaves are looking tired
The greens turn to red as if they’re kiln-dried
Then they all start to fall, fall to the earth
Squirrels gather nuts for all that they’re worth.

And now comes the cold time, Winter will call
We look up to the sky and hope snow will now fall
For we don’t need a season, again filled with rain
Defence against flooding being put up again.

But for now the sun’s out, let’s see where we go
There are lots of new green shoots starting to show
If they grow really well and we get a good harvest
We’ll know that Nature can’t be second guessed.