Can we ever really say…

Can any of us ever really say
We’ve done all we possibly could
Protected the weak, helped someone today
Or perhaps just nurtured a new growing bud.
For if we think that we’ve done all that
And in relaxing we feel satisfied
Why is there so much of the tit for tat
For which too many people have died!!

I look into my inner soul in hopes of seeing light
But, even aware, there are still degrees of dark
I try to think only good of all, and that in itself is a fight
For there are those of evil intent whose wish is to leave a mark.

But onward we must carry the strive
For a peaceful solution to ever arrive.

©Joe Wilson – Can we ever really say…2015



You are the other half of my completeness
You are the half that makes me whole
You are the goodness that my heart will cherish
You are the mate to my now settled soul.

You are the peace within my breast
You are the essence of all that’s best
You are the one who brings the smile
You are the reason that I feel blessed.

You are the one I’ve loved these years
You are the one in my love-filled heart
You are the one who has shared my fears
You are the reason that I seem smart.

You are the one who has dried my tears
You have loved me with no hesitation
You are the reason that I breathe each day
And I love you without reservation.

©Joe Wilson – You 2014

In faith


The church bell rings out every Sunday
As the faithful are all called to prayer
Though it has been for some generations
Congregations fall and the pews remain bare.

The new very modern thinking fellow
The clever chap who knows his way round
May still call out for his God’s assistance
When the world gets too much and he’s down.

For we all need some thing to believe in
It’s faith that will help us along
The belief that we’re not all alone here
Gives us courage and makes us all strong.

Attendance in the pews will still go down
Modern living habits just make it so
There are swimming clubs and other stuff these days
That just mean they don’t have time to go.

But I have faith in this young generation
I believe that their goodness is real
For their feelings are often for others
And in that their faith they reveal.

They’re more thoughtful about belief these days
And they don’t always believe in a God
In the main though they’re such good young people
And in that way belief gets its nod.

©Joe Wilson – In faith 2014