What news today…

What news today my friends, what news today…

Many more babies have been born into want
Whilst many more weren’t wanted at all
For them, a terrible, difficult life lies ahead
As they fight against ignorance and society’s sprawl.

How many trees have been felled today, how many trees did fall…

All of the gases that leech from the wounds
Where tropical rainforests stood
Slashed by the profiteer company greed
Another piece of Earth that’s shedding its blood.

How goes the war brother, how goes that war…

We watch all those thousands who flee from their land
Evicted by violence as is always the way
Yet leaders on all sides never suffer like this
For the refugee struggle is a price they don’t pay.

Do we love our fellow brethren, do we…

For if a man could truly love his brother
The world would soon somewhat alter
But it would take so very much courage
And be a task from which man can’t falter.

©Joe Wilson – What news today…2016

Well we know where we belong don’t we?

I know my Place

(With a respectful nod to Messrs. Cleese, Barker & Corbett)

He looked out of his fine high-ceilinged office
He looked down at the city far below
With sleeves rolled up and his blood pressure mounting
Profits missing meant workers had to go.

He didn’t care where they would come from
Little people never registered on his screen
He was totally focussed on making dollars
In that he was absolutely obscene.

A little way down from his high pedestal
Was where those desperate celebrities abide
Where they sit wafer-thin in dark glasses
As they feed like piranhas on the crowds.

And though the Hollywood moguls will use them
Because they are the puppets that they are
All memories of where they all came from
Are now just a small thing in the past.

Lower still you will find politicians
All waiting for the moment that is theirs
When they have the glory of the ‘fifteen minute fame’
Before they fall back to their own obscurity.

We on the other hand gather down in the street
Like sheep we wait there in the hope that we’ll meet
A top businessman who might give us a position
Or perhaps for a glance at a celebrity snob.

And just up above the media vultures hover
As they hope for a juicy story to break
They’ll not care a fig for the lives they devour
Just the ratings for them are at stake.

As they say ‘T’was ever thus’ and it shall ever be
And it seems that frankly it can only get worse
You see my fine friend it’s not the humans involved
It’s simply the size of the ever-growing purse.

©Joe Wilson – Well we know where we belong don’t we? 2014