The Chosen Son…

He knew not how long he’d travelled this road
For it seemed he’d been walking all his life
Since The Old One had come to his father’s encampment.
So many, many long years ago he’d now lost track
The Old One had foreseen that great suffering would come
All in the villages would die, save one, The Chosen Son.

As night followed day, one by one, people began to die
The Old One, an apothecary, did all he could to help
But no one could hold back the tide of bubonic plague.
Yet The Chosen Son was spared, just he alone
And so, with heavy heart, after burying his parents
Then later his beloved sister Maya, he left.

He never looked back, what was there to see
The villages were now all but dead, and fires were set
In tears he stumbled away, still a child.
And yet with all that he had seen he was almost a man
He grew as he walked, learning how to hunt for food
He gained the skills of an archer for he needed meat to live.

And on he walked, quickly finding ways to defending himself
How to make his own tunics and gaskins and boots
He resisted the wearing of a cod piece as silly.
Thought he that they were the things of fops and dandies
He only wore what was needed to keep him warm
And he had a good cape for the purpose, and for sleeping.

He hired out his skills with the bow to farmers
To rid them of the marauding boars and wolves
Soon his reputation began to spread far and wide.
Till one day he was called upon to compete for gold.
Winning with ease his standing grew ever more
And more contesting and winning became the norm.

He never knew or understood why he was The Chosen Son
Barely remembering his village and The Old One
All things had become entangled in the sands of time.
Till finally he couldn’t even remember his name
As he fell by the roadside so tired and ill
He moved not a muscle, lying perfectly still.

But all was to change, a wanderer chanced by
Who touched his cold frame and his spirit soared high
Now The Wanderer is He and will walk as He did
Keeping a watch on His flock as He’s bid.
For never will He die, The Chosen Son
He’ll walk with us always, with everyone.

©Joe Wilson – The Chosen Son…2015

The world is our oyster…

He cast his hands up in the air and said ‘let there be light!’
And sunshine grew before His eyes revealing wondrous hue
But He alone could see the day and see the dark of night
So midst the stars He caused to live, a planet of green and blue
And on this planet there were put trees, for air that we have breathed
He found that He was satisfied, what wonders He perceived.

So many stars would fill the sky, so many moons would too
Then winds flew from the heavens, to spin them all around
And people he put on this Earth, this place of green and blue
Yet creatures first he let to roam till they stood on dry ground
Thus slowly man developed, and they settled far and wide
Then headed from the oceans in such increasing tide.

And when man looks up to the skies to search the stars above
He sees the soul inside each one and knows if they are good
He looks into the hearts of men and searches for the love
Would mankind ever realise, could it be understood
He put them here to nurture Earth, to tend and love his world
But man has rather lost his way as his arrogance unfurled.

We put our Earth in danger, we care for just ourselves
Fighting wars that ravage land that cause more conflict still
We take more air than we put back, we pack food on the shelves
Yet see another starve to death while others are so ill
But look up to the heavens and take in all that magic
And try to ease the burden and save the world from tragic.

©Joe Wilson – The world is our oyster…2015