His gentle message…

be kind

His favourite book was a dictionary
I can’t say I really knew why
He’d turn over pages one at a time
With each turn he let out a sigh.

Sometimes his thoughts were not well-formed
But in managing he always did his best
He’d clearly been raised to be happy
As he plainly approached life with some zest.

He lived by himself he once mentioned
His parents having both passed away
And he came to the café with his ‘words book’
Turning just a few pages each day.

Until one day he stopped and stood
I looked up at him towering above
‘What is it my friend that you have now found?’
He pointed at a word saying, ‘I have found love!’

And in that place a nice feeling grew
A warmth between each one of us
It spread through the door right into the street
As the man quietly turned and left without fuss.

But the message was clear from that gentle young man
Who had a name I can never recall
The message was love one another
Or else why are we living at all!

©Joe Wilson – His gentle message…2015

Two short pieces

To sit thinking quietly on ones own
is perhaps today’s rarest commodity
when you say that you wish to be alone
observers will tag you as an oddity
and yet that solitariness is divine
a time to question one’s thoughts
a moment where honesty will guide you
and lies get your personal retorts.

©Joe Wilson – Private moments 2014


We seem so discouragingly needy
to resist the desire in our mind
to be seen to be caring to others
as if it was a sin to be kind
but to be kind to others is no sin
it is all that we should ever be
and He who is watching and caring
misses nothing in His Heavenly See.

©Joe Wilson – Not sinning 2014


heart love_edited

The love that binds our sensitive hearts
Has powers so full of magic
Upsetting its delicate balance
Can cause damage so often tragic.

With all your heart you must work at love
Stay the course, don’t falter
The heart responds to kindness
For true love not to alter.

The heart is such a mighty thing
It will guide you through your day
Its steady beat sustaining life
As your emotions find their way.

Look after your heart, follow its lead
And you may yet find love
It’s as sure to be about you
As there are the stars above.


©Joe Wilson – Heart 2014