The rain fell like it was never going to stop
And with it their spirits fell too
Where earlier thoughts had been of great joy
The barometer of their lives turned everything blue.

Just a single word was all that was said
Almost like a slip of the tongue
And all of the brilliant love-filled past
Would simply be memories about which they would now long.

The wound went so deep and was sorely felt
One made an error, succumbing to lust
And when being confronted by their partner in life
The word that was uttered was ‘distrust’.

A two syllable word that can say so much
It can break what seems solid like rock
And when they feel so dismantled when it’s all torn apart
The new solitary life will come as a shock.

Be honest with yourself, no one’s perfect
If you love someone, love just that one
The barometer of life doesn’t need to read gloom
But it will do when love and the trust is all gone.

©Joe Wilson – Trust…2015

In passion…

Undressed, she hooked him, a feast for his eyes
Wearing only deceit like a shawl
But still he found himself trapped by her lies
As he waited for night when she demanded his all.

Hard in desire, yet still deeper in contempt
In passion she drives him to pain
And dark of the eye and with wild hair unkempt
She demands him again and again.

And so again in deep embrace
In thrusting joy and symmetry
They slow right down, it’s not a race
Moving to heaven with intensity.

He of course, just kids himself
They’re lovers, there’s no deceit
The thoughts he has in passion’s stealth
Help make the act complete.

Many times he’s lain in this nest
He wants for nothing here
And as he sleeps in grateful rest
From his eye seeps a satisfied tear.

©Joe Wilson – In passion…2015

Sinful surfing…

Now is my passion genuine,
Or fuelled by lustful need to win
I must have you within my arms
Held tight together, sharing charms.
Forbidden love, but do we care
Wrapped in sin, we make love there
While all around, the world goes mad
For this snatched moment we are glad.

And as we lie, our passion spent
The skies are filled with dark portent
The cuckold is life’s tragedy
He lost his lover’s love to me
He couldn’t ever set her free
I took her to Eternity.

©Joe Wilson – Sinful surfing…2015