dum vita est spes est…

Mental absorption tires
As life continually inspires
Info grabbed for added strength
Keeping dotage at arms length.
Thinking thoughts for thinking’s sake
Mind in action as we wake
Reading books, writing words
Digging gardens, watching birds.
Adding grist to our brains mill
To keep on going we’ve the will
Brains reluctant to slow down
Till body’s stuck beneath the ground!!

©Joe Wilson – dum vita est spes est…2015

Always thinking

effective thinking_edited

Swirling visions of kaleidoscopic shapes
fill the head with conflicting thoughts
The mind in free-fall as it makes its way
Through the complex outing of a typical day.

Kandinsky perhaps summed the mind up the best
In the broadest proud shapes that show up the tell
Of the brains complexities in the thoughts they go through
As we all wend our way in the journeying we do.

It’s a hell of a ride so welcome aboard
The mind goes to places and takes us along
Our imagination rich with creativities mood
As it takes information and turns it to food.

©Joe Wilson – Always thinking 2014