In quiet contemplation

There was an eerie quiet peacefulness
in the small sparsely furnished room.
The only sound that may have been heard
was of a solitary man wearing a brown robe
with the hood pushed carefully back in order
that his head would bared before God. He was
breathing in and out in a steady and relaxed way
as he occasionally and deliberately turned a page.

The man, perhaps in his sixties, one couldn’t tell
but for the age-worn hands that rested gently on a tome
before him. He was deep in thought and concentration
as he studied his Bible, something he did daily.
These were his moments of quiet contemplation,
but ones that he never shared, but with his God,
and upon finishing, he quickly rose and rejoined his Brothers.

He felt at Peace.

©Joe Wilson – In quiet contemplation 2014

The rest of the day (a pun)


Wandering the hills and the forests
lost and in search of the way
to find a quieter and more gentle pace
in the maelström that has become today.

A sense of immediacy surrounds us
our needs they have all so changed
but stopping, sitting and thinking
may yet save us from going insane.

Sit on a stump and pause for thought
and watch as the world goes by
but this is the world of nature
which just ambles along like a sigh.

You could sit right here for the rest of the day
the peace of the moment sublime
but the irony of taking the moment
is for the moment we don’t have the time.


©Joe Wilson – The rest of the day (a pun) 2014

Everything and Yet Nothing


I have everything and yet nothing, nothing at all
I lie sometimes thinking and it’s you I recall
A smile here, a touch there, a moment for us
But perhaps not enough to even discuss
But though they’ve been few and a long time apart
They’ve imprinted you firmly into my heart.


©Joe Wilson – Everything and Yet Nothing 2014