Unbridled passion…

Sand fell from his feet as he waded ashore
The water so cold his teeth still chattered
But he’d swum to the buoy as he promised he would
And when she kissed his cold lips nothing else mattered.
They walked, arms entwined the length of the beach
All alone still, as dawn had not yet even broken
Their love kept them warm and they both held a smile
And down the length of the beach not many words were spoken.
And in the small private cove at the farthest point along
They abandoned all pretence of calm cool fashion
Literally leaping into each other’s waiting arms
They made love on the beach and unleashed their passion.
O how they laugh when they think of that time
And the fact that they nearly got caught
But they still love each other as strong as they did
And that sort of passion can never be bought.

©Joe Wilson – Unbridled passion…2016

That Cheshire cat grin…

Wandering in sweetest meander
Midst dreams of love-filled clouds
With only my love for company
No earthly, noisy crowds.

We travel to the greatest heights
Our passion reaching the peak
Collapsing into loving arms
Where neither needs to speak.

And yet, not really dreams at all
But reflections from a past
That is so full of nights as these
So filled with love designed to last.

And in the morning near the dawn
We lie in warm embrace
Again wrapped in each others arms
We’re soon transported to that place.

Till spent, grinning like Cheshire cats
As lovers with burning fires
A passion for a lifetime
In a love that never tires.

©Joe Wilson – That Cheshire cat grin…2016

In passion…

Undressed, she hooked him, a feast for his eyes
Wearing only deceit like a shawl
But still he found himself trapped by her lies
As he waited for night when she demanded his all.

Hard in desire, yet still deeper in contempt
In passion she drives him to pain
And dark of the eye and with wild hair unkempt
She demands him again and again.

And so again in deep embrace
In thrusting joy and symmetry
They slow right down, it’s not a race
Moving to heaven with intensity.

He of course, just kids himself
They’re lovers, there’s no deceit
The thoughts he has in passion’s stealth
Help make the act complete.

Many times he’s lain in this nest
He wants for nothing here
And as he sleeps in grateful rest
From his eye seeps a satisfied tear.

©Joe Wilson – In passion…2015

My beloved and my country…

O road take me back to my country home
Speed me quick for my heart missed it so
For wealth and good fortune I foolishly roam
Now home-bound I once again go.
To the trees and blossom of Springtime
Even to the bare twigs of Fall
Yet even to the frost of a cold Winter’s rime
In the country I feel I am all.

Once I travelled o’er great oceans deep
I saw beautiful skies so bright blue
Yet I dreamt of you whenever I’d sleep
In countryside of lovely green hue.
For much as I love the hill and the ride
And all of the beauty found there
If I couldn’t sense you here by my side
Such bounty would just seem so bare.

So over great oceans I travel once more
I’m heading to you darling dear
My heart it is calling to one I adore
It beats faster as home draws me near.
O darling I can’t bear to leave you again
This journey is the last I’ll pursue
In the country with you, my very best friend
We will live under our sky of blue.

And on days perhaps spent in woods near the lake
Watching woodpeckers , jays and the brambling
We’ll sit by the lake with a picnic we’ll take
Watching lambs in the fields as they’re gambolling.
Our hearts will be full and so satisfied
We’ll walk hand-in-hand by the shore
We’ll play ducks and drakes and watch the stones glide
Who could ever want anything more.

At night our arms each other enfold
We’d lie in passionate embrace
Our love we’d give in manner so bold
And I’d watch your beautiful face.
I’d wonder how lucky a man such as I
Could ever have been so well blessed
Such thoughts would make me silently cry
As we lie in our cottage now at rest.

©Joe Wilson – My beloved and my country…2015

Words of love and faith…

So tired I drift in long deep sleep
In thoughts of you that keep me warm
Inside a place of peaceful dreams
I find you in ethereal form.

And holding hands in sweet repose
Retelling words of love and faith
While wrapped in dream-like timeless mist
My arms enfold to keep you safe.

As wakefulness returns at dawn
No longer are you there to see
But opened eyes can now reveal
Your earthly form lies next to me.

Retelling words of love and faith
And wrapped in ageless passion we
With open eyes and open hearts
Who else but you could be with me.

©Joe Wilson – Words of love and faith…2015

Holding hands…

Moulded together in love and pain
They were always by each other’s side
That’s how for life they chose to remain
Each to the other was their pride.

Heartaches came and went yet still
They were steadfast in their love
Held together by their simple will
They fitted like a hand in a glove.

They aged and their bodies grew fragile
Yet that love still carried them along
As a thing that was always so, tactile
It sustained, it was so very strong.

And then one day they were there no more
But their love was now so cast in stone
That devotion to each other went right to the core
As holding hands they passed into the unknown.

©Joe Wilson – Holding hands…2015

Lonely is the king-sized bed…

Lonely is the king-sized bed
That only sees one resting head
The other left and gone away
Love was gone and hearts can stray.

Love is not a trivial game
Of winning points with one’s old flame
It is hard work and worthy too
And worth the love she gives to you.

I have been blessed these many years
Lonely, one of my great fears
But I’ve worked hard and so has she
My darling gives her love to me.

©Joe Wilson – Lonely is the king-sized bed…2015