A modern sonnet, but familiar story…

Down that delicate road they went
Eyes for each with such intent
In each others life, in each others arms
Each attracted to the others charms.
Yet theirs was romance frowned upon
So a love in secret they shared as one
And risks for them so dangerously taken
Would last until the world would awaken.
To the fact that we are all the same
And falling in love is never a game
For the colour of skin or a person’s sex
Are simply incidentals that vex
The narrow-minded fools who abound
Who frankly make far too much sound.

©Joe Wilson – A modern sonnet, but familiar story…2016

A Magical Moment…and then it’s gone!

The World Crisis 2012 3

Within that magical moment
The world is at one and at ease
Everyone is loving their neighbour
And we have control of disease.

But it doesn’t last, it cannot last
It will all go back as before
To the dying from hunger and violence
To man’s unending desire for war.

One man plants a crop for food
But another man reaps the gain
The one making life from the profit
While another’s reward is just pain.

If a man is black, or yellow, who cares!
His blood like yours is red
The bullets or knives that pierce your skins
Would make you both as dead.

A man gets beaten in the street
His crime was being gay
Who gave those others the right to judge
Will prejudice never go away?

The ones with strength to dominate
Should nonetheless take heed
When they themselves are wanting help
Who’ll stay to fill that need.

I hear the ever-growing rains
They flood the town and field
Where hardship’s felt so gravely
Where man is forced to yield.

Perhaps we brought it on ourselves
We feel the need for so much
But there are so many with nothing
Who’d benefit from a gentle touch.

Back to that magical moment
It’s the one just before I awake
Where the next moment comes and it’s over
And it can’t be put right with a shake.


©Joe Wilson – A Magical Moment…and then it’s gone! 2014