That long, long thread…

And thus in forest splendid
I first laid eyes on you
My life was changed forever
Beneath that sky so blue.
For I have lain beside you
These forty years in peace
Yet I would lay for forty more
And thank each day for such increase.
For lonely I could be no more
Your heart is locked in me
And even when we flee this place
Wrapped in my love you’ll always be.

We move through life so much as one
Our thread reflects our love
And if I should depart here first
You’ll find me waiting up above.
My life has felt so lucky
Great loves get written of in poems
But our love is as great as all
No need to pen in tomes.
And gaze I now at your beauty
As fresh as the day we met
I can never imagine what brought you
But I thank the Heavens yet.

©Joe Wilson – That long, long thread…2016

A grand plan…

And so at last it comes to this
A choice betwixt that place, or bliss
Struggling through a life of pain
Working hard for little gain.
The semblance of my life’s refrain
Is echoed o’er the world’s domain
As slipping now I start to miss
Life’s final sweet and tender kiss.

But yet, I fight and will not go
I’ve been here once before, I know
Fighting then to stay behind
Brought back to life by those so kind.
I’ve felt it though, so I won’t mind
When time is finally called I’ll find
As slide I into ebb and flow
No tiny imprints left to show.

We are here son
We so do be
But when we leave
We are set free.

We are as but a grain of sand
And dying once, I understand
We’re here to help within our span
To nurture life, do all we can.
Embracing differences of man
As tiny parts in this great plan
And if we sense it’s something grand
Perhaps we’ll feel that mighty hand.

©Joe Wilson – A grand plan…2015