She Thought It Rained Today

old lady

She thought it rained again today
But the rain was in her mind
The frailty that now struck her down
Was so brutally unkind.

There were some times when it felt so bad
And others when it all came back
But just for a fleeting moment
As if she was peering through a crack.

Her senses were leaving her slowly
Her eyesight was failing her now
And when she needed the lavatory
Well, the bag on her wheelchair was how.

She remembers she thinks she’s a burden
Or is her memory playing tricks on her too
She just wishes that it would all go away
Or does she, she’s forgotten that too.


©Joe Wilson – She Thought It Rained Today 2014

He Remembers

He remembers
back to a time
when the black dog
hung around his neck
like a heavy yoke, he
could never be rid of
the terror that the pain
would not someday return
to seek him out and strike
him down again, and the knowing
how close he had come to succumbing
to the excruciating pain of the blood
pouring out of his brain and down his
spine only to lodge in his vertebrae.

He remembers edging closer to the crowded
platform’s edge too filled with fear to realise
the probable selfishness of what he was about to
do, only vaguely aware of where he actually was but
just able to register that touch on his right arm
and the voice that quietly whispered to him “I don’t
really think you want to do that.” He remembers turning
round to see who had said it and seeing that there was just
a crowd of commuters all going about their business, of the
owner of the voice there was no sign, but it had been enough, it
had been enough to make him realise where he was for the moment
passed and he made his way back, back to the arms of the woman who
had always loved him, and who had carefully, lovingly nursed him back to
health over such a long time, and he wept, he put his head on her gentle
shoulder and he wept as he had never wept before, he wept for all pain
he still felt and he wept for all the selfish pain he would have caused this
woman had he let himself fall, for that surely had been his intention.

©Joe Wilson – He remembers…2014