Tears fall like rain…

Where are they now, those childhood days
When we ran and we played like heroes
Untrammelled by worry and other concerns
Often unknowing our parents fears.
But then we grew up and had kids of our own
And we remember the worry we saw
How sad our parents were from time to time
As we go through the same, and we know it hurts more.

The seven year old girl in the playground
Cuts over the schoolyard to dad
It’s only a memory now in my old head
That leaves me so hopelessly sad.

One day you wake and everything’s changed
And it can never be the same again
And your heart feels as if it is drowning
As all of your tears fall like rain.
And the thing is you know it will get much worse
Yet there’s nothing about it you can do
As again, your eyes cloud over with mist
Even on the days when the sky is so blue.

©Joe Wilson – Tears fall like rain…2016

Tick tock…


Tick    tock    tick    tock

Moments passed

Tick    tock    tick    tock

No single thought could fill his mind other than the fact
that he was in his house alone, that and the fact
that he was having a heart attack and there was no phone.

Tick    tock    tick    tock

The pain was unbearable but nothing like as bad
as the thought that filled his head at that moment
the thought of never seeing his beloved wife or children again.
The thought of never sharing a private moment before sleeping
and always seeming to be holding hands as they wake.

Tick    tock    tick    tock

Please! Somebody please!!

I don’t believe in you, but please help me
I don’t believe in you, but please help me

If you are there please help me. Please!

Tick    tick   tick    tock    tick    tick    tick    tock
Tick    tick   tick    tock    tick    tick    tick    tock
Tick    tick   tick    tock    tick    tick    tick    tock

Tick    tick   tick    t


©Joe Wilson – Tick tock 2014

This is a familiar but fortunately infrequent feeling,
but with luck and good management I always have a phone with me.

The Nightmare…


When the world comes to an end
for me at least – I will be alone.
I have known my love since
I was a callow sapling
she taught me everything I know about

I’ve never known anyone like her
and now – I would be alone…forever.

I couldn’t cope
I would mope about
long, long quiet moments
then I would shout
O how I would shout.

It would be hell on earth
– unbearable.

It is the nightmare
that stops me sleeping…

©Joe Wilson – The nightmare…2014