One Summer

Warmed by the sun, kissed by a breeze, the beach a perfect place
But on one beautiful Summer day, we argued and you drove away.
I watched you in your red sports car as you drove back up the hill
I remember it all like yesterday,and yes, I miss you still.
Anger had caused a rift so deep, our love not strong enough
I’d read you wrong, I’d hurt you, and your going was no bluff.

Time has passed, I’ve missed you so, I’ve loved you every day
I’ve tried to make a life worthwhile, but you don’t go away.
I live in hope that things may change, I miss your gentle touch
But fear and my self-loathing prevent me saying as much.
One day perhaps something will change, a small thing, but enough
And we’ll forgive the hurtful past, and find once more our love.

Each year I go on this same day, I walk along the shore
I won’t give up, I have to try, our love was so much more.
I hope to see you waiting there, my life is just a game
Once I thought I saw you and I ran and called your name.
You turned around and looked at me and all I felt was sorrow
For I had just misled myself, I’d try again tomorrow.


Staying Put

It’s a short walk to the end of my road
One I make often to look at the scene
I see all of the change in the village
On the land that we now call the green.

All life in the village passes through here
You can set your watch as they pass
The old man who’s walking his spaniel
The young girl who’s now a young lass.

There are many who ride by on the cycles
And quite a few pass as they jog
It’s just that you see things in passing
It’s not that one’s keeping a log.

It’s a fact that life here is peaceful
I can’t think that I’ll move anywhere
I’d miss all my friends in the village
And I’m too old to make them elsewhere.