We expected as much.

Well, I guess most of us expected a degree of pain when this new government finally slid it’s collective feet under the table. we all knew that both Cameron and Clegg had to compromise a considerable amount to come to any working agreement. Straight-away of course, there was the resignation of David Laws, actually a God-send for the Tories. Then Chris Huhne buggered up his real chances. It means of course that the Lib-Dems have lost a whole load of momentum and now the Tories find themselves properly in the driving seat; and driving they are. Driving changes through to health and education, justice and the arts, and of course defence, like never before, with the ultimate end being that all the major services will be operated by private companies. This serves at least two purposes. One, it lifts responsibility for failure off the shoulders of the government, two, it gives opportunity for massive cutting of service staff in the public sector, something the Tories barely believe in. It also provides a good hunting ground for the future board and earning posts for the later ousted, and they will be ousted, ministers who are performing this act of vandalism.

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