The Big Freeze? I think not!

There have been so many programmes on television this last few days you could almost think we were going through another Ice Age.

Let me just say…we have not had that much snow, ice, or fog. Notwithstanding the very bad winters of 1947 and 1963, even in recent history there have been some bad snowfalls. There was one in 1968, another in 1975 (I think), another in 1980 (I know this one. I fell on thick ice and broke my leg twice, the second time before the first one was mended.) We had a few others through the 1980s and 1990s, and of course 2009 was a bit rough. Only a bit rough though, not the terrifying monster weather that the media is trying to convince us about. Children should be in school, teachers should be in school. If teachers were, children would be. In fact parents are getting their children to school only to find that teachers can’t get…I wonder why that is? Now. as are some airports, the powers-that-be are making cancellations and closures in advance, predicting gloom rather preparing to take difficulty on head first. Pathetic!

Children should be out playing with snowballs and making snowmen, and sledging too…but after school has finished for the day.

The media should be collectively looking for the bright spots about the country, not gathering all the gloominess into continually and monotonously fear-expounding prophesies of even worse to come.

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