The Circle of Life.

They run, they laugh, they skip, they climb, there activity stuns, everyday.
We watch, we smile, we enjoy, we play, we’re young again like they.
What a wonderful feeling playing games with grandchildren, they teach you as much as they learn.
We played with our children, and now our grandchildren, as the circle of life carries on.

The girl likes to climb, the boy likes to run, and they both do them both with such vigour.
They can be reading or not, but then they’re off like a shot, as if somebody just pulled a trigger.
They’re a joy, and so funny, as they grow, as they learn, and they question so much that they see.
It’s a task to embrace as you keep a straight face, as you answer them to their shouts of glee.

Bournemouth2013 (55) - small

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