Cold Cuts

The cheer came, the joy came, the presents came too
Those who had, had, those who hadn’t went without.
Some had morsels, other had scraps, some had nothing at all
Yet others had far more than they either needed or deserved.
This was yet another Christmas where poverty was highlighted
And yet another where nothing was being done about it.

Will next year be full of compromised politicians giving themselves too much pay,
whilst at the same time claiming expenses far in excess of that which some people have to live on?
Will we hear of yet even more corruption on the international political stage?
Why is the NHS failing us when the nation’s health should be paramount to all?
Why are our children not being educated properly?
Why are so many old people abandoned to fates they don’t deserve in an uncaring society?

I’m not without hope, there’s always a good chance
That politicians may find a solution to these worries
But they need to change, and there’s the rub
They don’t like change, they remain aloof
They never act before they have proof
And that will only come from a collective effort.



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