I have been so blessed..



My heart belongs to only one
I gave it to her so long ago
And she has held it quite gently
Through Summer suns and Winter’s snow.

And when I’ve been found wanting
She’s helped me and held me close
Goodness!! She is so beautiful
She remains my English rose.

I could never have lived without her
There has always been such grace
And every morning when I awake
I see and love her beautiful face.

We are now so very much older
But our love still keeps us close
A lifetime spent in my lover’s arms
I’ve been blessed beyond my hopes.

©Joe Wilson – I have been so blessed… 2014

This poem is dedicated entirely to my beloved wife, Daphne.


10 thoughts on “I have been so blessed..

      1. Anne Baluch

        You are blessed and she’s the reason you write so beautiful. Happiness comes from within 🙂

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