Christmas & Christmas without

The following two poems are from a very dear friend of mine who wishes to publish them anonymously for the time being. I am happy to abide by that wish, but I commend them to you as I think they are very good work.  JW




The saddest time of the year
The darkest days and longest nights
The loudest gales and wettest rain
The time for sleeping, not for growing
The time for waiting, downing tools
For wrapping up and battening down
For thinking what the year has been
For planning a future yet unseen
For calling friends to wish them well
Welcoming them in against the chill
For lighting lamps and fires too
For kindling old friendships anew
The time for family wars to cease
To get together for once in peace
To mend our differences for a day
And maybe find another way
To think about the coming year
To think of growing and becoming
Of being stronger, surer, clearer
To think of kindness and forgiveness
To better understand and care
To think of spring around the corner
Of energy and new laid plans
So making of those darkest days
Time to take stock, to rest, revive
To make acquaintance old with new
To seek the light amongst the darkness
Celebrate, give gifts, keep faith
Time to remember times gone past
It comes just once a year this chance
This special time, this festival.
So let us make the most of it
And ring out the bells, this Christmas.


Christmas without

The first Christmas without
Some one you loved
The first light in the darkness
The star that led the three kings on
The frosty brightness.
The spangled lights on people’s trees
Their laughter abounds
Their fires sparkle and glow
Their glasses filled with good cheer
And outside you know
You stand and stare
Do not go near.
No room at the inn today
And slowly silently
You turn away
And walk on to an empty place.
No tree or decorations here
Just solitude and peace
Deep peace of Christmas time
And no thoughts of release.
And then O wondrous night
O what is this you hear
A babble of voices loud
A knock at the door
And outside a crowd
Of friendly faces bearing gifts
Wanting to take you by the hand
In they come and make it home
A tree and lights and things to eat
How did they know to come?
They knew because they know you
Love and care and show you
They’ve come to worship all the way
They felt the Christmas spirit
They knew it was a special day
And so they draw you into joy.
Be not alone this Christmas time
Awake with friends and loudly sing
For all to hear your voices clear
Glory to the new-born king.