Chased away…

A hint of sunshine
across the lawn
through winter trees
with leaves all shorn
is all it ever
really takes
to think of Summer
and boats and lakes.

With children playing
having fun
such joy they give
to everyone
and Winter blues
are chased away
not to return
at least today!


©Joe Wilson – Chased away…2015

4 thoughts on “Chased away…

  1. BeckyHelps

    A cheeky poetic reply perhaps just for you:

    It’s winter and I really love it,
    Warm jumpers all bright coloured knit,
    It’s spring that time I love it too,
    Bulb flowers popping up tried and true,
    It’s summer then I’ll love it so,
    Hammock in sun and no grass to mow,
    It’s autumn that I love well,
    Leaves of all colours in the dell.


    1. I love it. Thank you.

      As winter takes it’s leave of us
      We see spring signs of first crocus
      Which slowly fade for daffodils
      In summer vases on windows sills
      And soon the red and golden hue
      Will welcome autumn into view
      And then the year will be complete
      As winter calls with it’s cold sleet.

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