A new life…

And so they gave her chamomile
To restore her sense of calm
But each and every person there
Saw pointlessness in balm.
She would now always live in fear
He’d died, she was on her own
And she who’d lived a fragile life
Would spend her days alone.

And live she did, surprising most
A new life she took to
Her past fragility she shook off
In fact she even flew.
Around the world she travelled
To countries far and wide
And everywhere she journeyed
His heart felt by her side.
Until at almost ninety-nine
She then called it a day
Whilst jumping from an aeroplane
She kept her chute in stay.
But those who jumped out with her
Saw her face was so sublime
She shouted she was going now
To join him, it’s now time.
And so she fell down to the ground
Though gently she did fall
Carried down to earth in peace
As if held by her lover’s thrall.

©Joe Wilson – A new life…2015

Straying from the shelf…

I wander these passages
I’m searching for you
In my mental state
It’s the best I can do.
I don’t know who you are
Nor even myself!
I feel like a parcel
Just left on the shelf.
I’m aimlessly wandering
I’m not seeing you
And if I did
Would you seem at all true?
My thoughts are a jumble
They’re making no sense
And as I see no one
I find I am tense.
Why am I looking?
I’ve no real idea
And as I go wandering
I recognise fear.
It creeps now upon me
On my shoulder it sits
I’m getting more frightened
The fear comes in fits.
So what am I doing?
I haven’t a clue
I thought I was searching
Searching for you.
But I don’t know who you are
Nor even myself
So I guess I’ll just sit here
Alone on my shelf…

©Joe Wilson – Straying from my shelf…2015

Words of love and faith…

So tired I drift in long deep sleep
In thoughts of you that keep me warm
Inside a place of peaceful dreams
I find you in ethereal form.

And holding hands in sweet repose
Retelling words of love and faith
While wrapped in dream-like timeless mist
My arms enfold to keep you safe.

As wakefulness returns at dawn
No longer are you there to see
But opened eyes can now reveal
Your earthly form lies next to me.

Retelling words of love and faith
And wrapped in ageless passion we
With open eyes and open hearts
Who else but you could be with me.

©Joe Wilson – Words of love and faith…2015

Swan song…

Ulyana Lopatkina, Mariinsky Ballet, “The Dying Swan” at 2010 Dance Open Ballet Festival, Saint Petersburg
Ulyana Lopatkina, Mariinsky Ballet, “The Dying Swan” at 2010 Dance Open Ballet Festival, Saint Petersburg

In satin shoe she took a step
Out onto stage as if set free
And as she did the pas-de-deux
Her broken heart, no one could see.

Engaging others as she danced
With ballerinos she excelled
Yet though as lovers they romanced
All thoughts of that had been dispelled.

Romance the papers talked about
Her secret life laid bare for all
But love in spotlight oft burns out
And broken heart caused her to fall.

And as she fell in motion, slow
Her life now almost gone
A crushing sense of sadness
She was the dying swan.

©Joe Wilson – Swan song…2015

On happenstance…

In wandering through life’s happenstance
I chanc’ed upon thee
‘Twas such a stroke of wondrous glee
Did hearts collide, I took the chance.
I loved you from that long first glance
For all ’twas plain to see
That you did feel the same for me
And thus began our life’s romance.

Though anguish walks along in stride
Our join’ed hearts did all defeat
And though these harsh times oft repeat
Their vilest aims stay yet denied
In laughter we recall the treat
Of joyful times spent side by side.

©Joe Wilson – On happenstance…2015

To my very core…

Impose your love upon my soul
That I may be alone no more
You reach inside my very core
With love that binds and keeps me whole.
My heart is under your control
What happy state this do I feel
Such joy as this has great appeal
Blessed am I in envious role.

And you, your happiness to me
Is of such vital import
That I would not with love cavort
To force what’s intertwined set free
For love as yours I fiercely sought
A love as sweet as it could be.

©Joe Wilson – To my very core…2015

On bigotry…

You’ve been waiting for a transplant for a long time
Now a poor man who’s matched has just died
He agreed to give up his organs at death
So is fate now at last on your side?

But, the colour of his skin is not the same
And you’ve insulted his race in gross measure
He donated his organs with love in his heart
To give life to another to treasure.

Add hypocrisy now to your list of sins
For you’ll take the organs that are given
Perhaps when you wake you’ll be wiser
And from you the ignorance is driven.

He was a man, he had a wife
He had two children too
In fact you stupid bigot
He was just the same as you.

©Joe Wilson – On bigotry…2015

When demons call…


And in the night when demons call
You hide inside your troubled mind
And hope you’ll not be found in thrall
By evil devils who are so unkind.

They seek you out to make you pay
For all the bad that you have done
The demons call most every day
Their endless war that can’t be won.

Till in the end they send you mad
A life can not be lived like this
And take your life you will, it’s sad
In your last breath, eternal bliss!

©Joe Wilson – When demons call…2015

Holding hands…

Moulded together in love and pain
They were always by each other’s side
That’s how for life they chose to remain
Each to the other was their pride.

Heartaches came and went yet still
They were steadfast in their love
Held together by their simple will
They fitted like a hand in a glove.

They aged and their bodies grew fragile
Yet that love still carried them along
As a thing that was always so, tactile
It sustained, it was so very strong.

And then one day they were there no more
But their love was now so cast in stone
That devotion to each other went right to the core
As holding hands they passed into the unknown.

©Joe Wilson – Holding hands…2015