It’s personal…

Bathed in sweat he climbed
Out of his pit of despondency
And even as he struggled on
Its tentacles gripped in tight restraint
For life’s traumas can drag a man down
But nothing, nothing, can prepare him
For the pains suffered by those he loves so much
When there is absolutely nothing he can do to help.

…and that is the goddamn problem.

©Joe Wilson – It’s personal…2015

6 thoughts on “It’s personal…

    1. Thank you for kind words. My wife has for many years been deaf in one ear and has always managed, never complaining. Four weeks ago she, quite out of the blue, got a blocked eustachian tube in her other ear. All she hears now is the sound of rushing water and it is causing her great distress. We hope it will clear eventually but it is showing no sign as yet. x

      1. I am saddened by her struggle and the pain you feel watching her are both in my prayers..sending strength and healing thoughts..

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