Max goes wild…

wild things

(This little poem was a response to a challenge based on the book
‘Where The Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak 1963)

Such havoc, such mayhem
As he roamed like a wolf
His anger driving him on
He tore through the house
He tore through his world
Terrifying everyone.

And of course
It had to come to this
They sent him to his room
Where red-eyed grotesques
And the wild things
Sat astride a giant mushroom.

They made a move
To challenge him
But of course he was too quick
And he became
Their greatest king
At which he was quite slick.

But how
He missed his Mother
And he missed
His Father too
He showed them he was better
Then he left the wild things zoo.

Back to the land
Of normal
His anger all but gone
He found hot supper
On the table
And the love of everyone.

©Joe Wilson – Max goes wild…2015

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