Fate is in our own hands…

In that moment, just before…
I wonder what you were thinking
Did you believe that you’d be brave enough
Or were your spirits already shrinking
And during that time when you etched out your future
Were your tear-filled eyes even then blinking.

And to which vital moment might I now refer
The job interview maybe, that you really feared
Or was it that long-ago speeding offence
That you always wished had just disappeared.
Or was it the time when you fell in love
And got tongue-tied when wanting a date
The way that you never knew whether to kiss
On that first goodnight at her garden gate.
Whichever it was, was a long time ago
Yet you wonder now as you recall
Perhaps if you’d acted in different ways
But you played straight and let the die fall.

Who knows – we just do the best that we can
And hope that life treats us quite well
We sympathise with those who get kicked in the teeth
Feeling lucky we don’t share their hell!!

©Joe Wilson – Fate is in our own hands…2015