Those dangerous lurking thoughts

They’re gone now
Back to their dark evil lair
For as sunshine heralds day
Those evil thoughts all scuttle away.

But from their secret hidey-hole
They try to exercise control
On minds that sometimes fail to see
The steel-like measures that have to be.
For if you let the wickedness
Escape from in its filthy mess
The havoc wreaked upon your heart
Can utterly wrench it wide apart.

Silently they wait
Sounding out those dark evil thoughts
And as the darkness welcomes night
In sleep you have to fight again.

Don’t believe all that they tell
Let your instincts serve you well
And when the going is hard to bear
Feel the love of those who care.
For evil cannot fight such love
Will never rise and soar above
For it prefers a darker place
To hide its vile and wicked face.

This time they were not there
But never let up your guard
It seems that love kept them at bay
But they’ll return another day.

©Joe Wilson – Those dangerous lurking thoughts…2015

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