The celebrity abuser…

Mortified, they removed the splendid effigy
Shamefaced now, in the remembering
That magnificent eulogy that was lavished upon
His memory.

His memory, such a precious commodity
Such a thing to be proud of
As it turned out
A vileness to be pushed into the farthest recesses
Of the minds of those who had looked upon him
Not realising what a wicked, cruel man he was.

For he had abused so many
He had sullied the very name
Of decency
Of rightness
Of humanity.

Now, and only if there is
No other way
People sidle past this spot
And feel the disgust
As it wells up
And resurrects
The new dislike
Of his kind.

We are all a little less
We feel a little less clean
And a little more guilty
For a blind eye
Was turned for
Far too long.

©Joe Wilson – The celebrity abuser…2015

This was written for a challenge on a different site.The object was to write a piece using the words Effigy, Eulogy and Sidle.

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