Tears… Red… Books…

Three short verses


In dreams I wander far away
You didn’t stay
I try to find where you might be
You’re free
I search to find your loving heart
So apart
How did we drift that you would leave
I grieve
In loneliness with all my fears
And nightly TEARS.

©Joe Wilson – Tears…2015


Vampire, I, and all that blood
Goodness ebbs away
In go I for gorging fill
Not a drop spill I.
Warm and sticky to delight
Vampire’s favour in the night
So the soon to be undead
With pale neck bared, yet so soon

©Joe Wilson – Red…2015


Words across the pages flow
Learning, learning on the go
Right to left, left to right
Perfect is this brilliant sight
Pictures dotted in between
Open your eyes, see what they mean.
Now watch a child among the pages
Knowledge gained throughout the ages
So, so powerful are the hooks
That feed the brain from inside BOOKS.

©Joe Wilson – Books…2015

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