The inhuman condition…

In a clearing in the wood there was a gathering
The head stag was there, as was the badger
There were dogs, some rabbits and also a hare
And there were fighting cocks too looking quite worse for wear.
Last to arrive was the crafty old fox
With his lovely red jacket and his perfect white socks.

They had gathered because they were really fed up
Why does man get such pleasure as he does
From chasing and killing and charging about
The rabbit said man tried to poison us out.
They argued about it all night and day long
And when they had finished they knew men were wrong.

It was, they concluded the human condition
That made them all feel a superior position
But inadequate mentality inevitably meant
Proving it forever, on which they were Hell bent.
Till finally man was inured to the slaughter
And one day killed every ones son or daughter.

©Joe Wilson – The inhuman condition…2015