Three Rictameter Poems

Three Rictameter poems I’ve written recently.

The first is for my wife who for some unknown reason has been at my side for over four decades now.
The second is a small dedication to all serving soldiers past and present, many of whom never make it back home
The final poem is for anyone called Alan, particularly for those who might recognise themselves. Of course you can substitute any name you wish.

In truth…

In truth
I have simply
Loved a single woman
And she has loved me wondrous too
A life together of such pure delight
Friends by day and lovers at night
Not lonely am I
For I have her
In truth.

©Joe Wilson – In truth…2015


War is the way in which politicians flex their muscles, while usually managing to stay safe themselves. All to frequently we see the same behaviour as that displayed by the schoolyard bully. Someone wants something that someone else has or wants it done in a particular way…things that could be talked through and solutions eventually arrived at. Politicians however, have their audience, the voter, and they want to be seen to take firm action. All to often they get it so very wrong. Politics is a whore.
In the meantime men and women bravely go to war to help sort the mess out on their behalf, sometimes, as in the Gulf, they are not even equipped correctly.
This short poem is for them.

A Soldier’s Hymn…

As men…
Brave and marching
Off to battle so grim
Their chance of coming home so slim
In fearsome fight and quite beyond all hope
Enemies just like them they scope
Who too will die right here
On foreign soil
As men…

©Joe Wilson – A Soldier’s Hymn…2015

For every man and woman who went off to war,
From El Cid to Private Tommy Atkins and GI Joe.
We know you’re scared, but you go anyway. Would
that they who start such conflicts were as brave.


Another Rictameter…this time just for fun.

Alan in love…

His fragile heart
Upon his sleeve it lived
Ever being broken in two
As try so hard to love he’d always do
Till May he met, one day, on train
When Alan loved again
But now, May loved

©Joe Wilson – Alan in love…2015