Spare a thought…

School has broken up now
Their nativity plays all ended
It’s time to get out that stocking
That every year gets mended.

The fridges and larders are bursting
With food for the Christmas table
As we celebrate again this year
The miracle in that far away stable.

But spare a thought for the less well-fed
As you eat your well-earned dinner
For while you’re gaining unwanted fat
In poverty people get thinner.

Huddled in rags and blankets for warmth
In a doss-house in a back street somewhere
The people who live in Dead End Street
Will miss out on Christmas Fayre.

It isn’t your fault, nor oft even theirs
It’s simply the way some things are
But just a few pence for a coffee
Shows kindness can travel quite far.

©Joe Wilson – Spare a thought…2015

Silently in love…


Silence is the killer
It slowly breaks you up
It says so much in nothing
It drains the loving cup.
It makes the days seem endless
It makes the nights so dark
It makes what’s living seem so dead
It takes away the spark.

And yet, there is a silence
Twixt lovers like me and you
That simply fills with love unique
Like that between us two.

For us there is no hollow
No void that can’t be reached
Our love fills all the spaces
And not a drop has leeched.

©Joe Wilson – Silently in love…2015