Life in the clichés Pt 2…

They say…

It is not the winning that counts
It is the taking part
So it seems the stage was set
As I made a bid for your heart.

They also say faint heart
Never won fair maiden
I rose up to the challenge
With arms that were fully laden. [chocolates, flowers, humble pie, you know the kind of thing]

Well! All the worlds a stage, they say
And some of us merely players, they say
So I battled on regardless
Because every dog has his day.

And to the winner goes the prize
I won fair maiden’s hand
For I had moved all heaven and earth
Like a regular one-man-band.

So, since I’d won the love of my life
My heart now took up the slack
Then off we set on life’s travels
And by George! We’ve never looked back!! Toot, toot!

I say…

©Joe Wilson – Life in the clichés Pt 2…2016

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