A report of hope…

The days are long
and tiring.
Each thought process
a giant effort,
and yet,
struggle as she may,
progress is made.
She signed her name
– today.
Laugh heartily she would
and perhaps get the giggles,
but it was all in the box,
that strange bunch of squiggles.
Though bewilderment still lingers
behind her sad eyes
even at this moment
from as far as can be
another journeys here
to help her get free.
That someone
would forego
the home of their birth
and with their beloved
come to this land of his,
is an enormity that
leaves me
with pride and love.
But she will see
her brother soon
and her sad eyes will surely
brighten at the sight.

©Joe Wilson – A report of hope…2016

2 thoughts on “A report of hope…

  1. Pam

    Oh Joe that is beautiul,Oh how we will miss those two over here, but know so deep in our hearts it’s exactly where they need to be.

    1. Thank you so much Pam, for everything. It is a wonderful thing they are doing and we are so proud of them. Hopefully we will all be able to come back and visit one day. xx

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