The warmth inside…

There is no beating that central heating
If peripheral warmth is your need
But there is no warmth like love-filled warmth
Where two hearts harmoniously feed.

And when long Summer days in sunshine
In laughter in daft lover’s games
Are snapshots then taken of moments
And placed in keepsake gilt frames.

Frames they now view in their Autumn
Of perhaps the best days they recall
For as time marches forward regardless
They seem in the photos, less small.

Until one day there is then only one
And the central heating is switched on
As the one left behind now tries to keep warm
And the ticking clock of life moves along.

© Joe Wilson – The warmth inside…2016

3 thoughts on “The warmth inside…

  1. Kinda Bexy

    Another person leaves physically, but no one ever actually leaves us on the inside, only we move on within our selves or not and then the clock will seem to have stopped.

    1. Whilst I agree entirely with what you’re saying, to older people who’ve spent their life with only one lover, that death can feel very final and leave them feeling very alone.

      1. Kinda Bexy

        That is deep sadness. Such a strong emotional feeling needs acknowledging and giving true empathy. Being alone doesn’t bother so much as the feeling of loneliness and this can happen alone or in a crowd. Empathy can be a lifesaver, throw the distance into the fast flowing river of grief to help pull the grieving back into life.

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