Europe…or not?

The sun didn’t show its face today
Grey clouds scudded across the sky
As the wind got up and brought rain
These things I observed with a sigh.

Summer seems so reluctant to show itself
In some ways reflecting the country’s mood
Yet sometimes just the tiniest bit of sun
Can pick up the spirits, for sunshine is food.

That big event looms Thursday next
It has caused such murderous pains
To stay or go, the question vexed
Whatever will come, still heartache remains.

How can our world be so full of revile
That one would snuff the opposing view
Are we still that close to such savagery
I wonder sometimes, as surely you do.

Opinions will vary on so many things
That is why we have such debate
Those elected may now need protection
Against the brute force that’s so full of hate.

©Joe Wilson – Europe…or not?.. 2016


A very small tribute to a courageous woman, Jo Cox MP, who represented us, the people.
We therefore, were also attacked, as was democracy.