Promote independence, well there’s a relief…

Some time ago in an analogue age
Long, long, before connecting was the rage
A man would write letters when plighting his troth
And not by a text message feel his love’s wrath.
He’d walk to her door to promote his cause
And later, with in-laws, there sometimes were wars.
To get our own place we’d tighten our belt
As we gained independence what relief we all felt.

But yet here we are, now a digital age
Where being in networks is surely the rage
And letters aren’t written where often they were
Yet reading an email can still make you purr.
And we gained independence to write where we want
We make notes on tablets even choosing which font
Most businesses now will promote stuff online
While we exchange photos via the web, which is fine.

Yet still there is war in some desolate place
Where downtrodden people disappear without trace
Where they seek independence from terrible men
Dictators with guns who will kill, it’s just when?
And your friend’s in the thick of it writing the news
Trying to be neutral about those who abuse
When all he can do is send a message online
And you read with relief that your friend will be fine.

And the truth is we all know, it’s good common sense
To promote one’s relief at one’s independence.

© Joe Wilson – Promote independence, well that’s a relief…2016

This was written for a challenge on a different site. Three words:

Promote, Independence, Relief.


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